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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How music gets stuck in your head, 5 cents per song?, Dan Rather signs off, LexisNexis hacked, Benicio and Scarlett?

  • How music gets stuck in your head
    Published in this week's Nature.
    Researchers used functional MRI to see which parts of the brain were active while volunteers listened to music.
    "The Dartmouth team asked volunteers to listen to excerpts from familiar and unfamiliar songs with lyrics or instrumentals. These included the Rolling Stones' Satisfaction and the theme tune from The Pink Panther. Snippets of the music were removed at different points during the songs and replaced with silent gaps. After the experiment, the volunteers reported hearing a continuation of the song during the silent gaps when the tune was familiar, but not when the song was unfamiliar to them. When the researchers looked at the brain scans they found the individuals had more activity in specific regions of the brain during the silent gaps when the song was familiar, than when it was an unknown tune."
  • Would you pay 5 cents for a song?
  • Dan Rather signs off
  • LexisNexis hacked
    Bad news, lawyers.
  • Frightening image: Benicio Del Toro banging Scarlett Johansson in an elevator

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