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Friday, October 29, 2010

DJMonsterMo Halloween 2010 Mix

DJMonsterMo Halloween 2010 Mix mp3

DJMonsterMo Halloween 2010 Mix mp3 DJMonsterMo Halloween 2010 Mix zip

DJMonsterMo Halloween 2010 Mix mp3 mirror

1. Coil - The Main Theme
2. Meat Beat Manifesto - Zenta
3. Aa - Mossy
4. Kanye West - Monster
5. Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween (Retro Electro Remix)
6. Pigface - Asphole vs. F___ It Up
7. RevCo - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
8. Front 242 - Animal (Zoo)
9. Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
10. Salem - King Night
11. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound
12. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
13. Joy Division - Shadowplay
14. Goblin - Theme from Profundo Rosso
15. Zola Jesus - Night

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween mix is a mixture of old and new, apropos for anyone who cares to reminisce about their goth/industrial phase or just wants to brood on Halloween night. The mix starts with Coil, a selection from their compilation, 'Unnatural History II'. This song was supposed to be used for the Hellraiser theme, but alas, Clive Barker decided against it because "[Coil was] the only group I've heard on disc whose records I've taken off because they made my bowels churn." Next up is a new track from Meat Beat Manifesto, "Zenta", which dwells in the realm of the unclassifiable but can perhaps be best described as a mix of electronic, IDM, industrial, and dubstep. Aa's "Mossy" is dark noise rock that is quite appropriate for Halloween. Next is "Monster" from Kanye West, a track off his forthcoming album that features Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver and Nicki Minaj.

Al Jourgenson may hate "Every Day Is Halloween", but it's impossible not to have some version of the song on a Halloween mix. This is the Retro Electro Mix off their 'Every Day Is Halloween" compilation just released this month. Next is a Pigface remix that opens with a classic quote from the late, great Dennis Hopper taken from David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet'. Following this is a surprisingly good RevCo cover of Rod Stewart(!), with some fun tongue-in-cheek lyrical manipulations. And if you don't know what RevCo stands for, this mix may not be for you. Moving on, Front 242 churns out some claustrophobic industrial dance on "Animal". Next up is the Skinny Puppy classic, "Assimilate", a very forward-thinking track for 1985 that holds up very well today.

To bridge the transition in my mix from industrial to goth, I arbitrarily throw in some Salem with their hard-to-classify brand of electronic music that has been referred to as "drag" or "witch house".

"Spellbound" features deft guitar work by John McGeoch and is one of the Siouxsie and the Banshees' best known tunes. "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is Bauhaus' first single and perhaps best known song. "Shadowplay" is a classic Joy Division track that hopefully needs no introduction.

"Theme from Profundo Rosso" is by Goblin, an Italian prog rock band that contributes soundtracks for giallo horror director Dario Argento. Zola Jesus closes things out with the dark but beautiful "Night", blowing away any other ersatz Siouxsie Sioux torchbearers.

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