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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Skinny Puppy - Worlock (video), NIN - Gave Up (video), DJ Shir Khan

    happy halloween mp3 music download
    For those of you celebrating early (or celebrating every day until 10/31), Happy Halloween! Caution: you might feel like the barfing pumpking up top if you watch the videos below.

  • skinny puppy worlock video halloween scary Skinny Puppy - Worlock (video)
    This video is a horror fan's wet dream. It's an eye-popping (pun intended) mish-mash of horror movie clips and deleted scenes. I love the Dario Argento clips. I don't think the video was ever officially released due to the gratutitous copyright infringement. NSFW. Strong stomachs only. This is the highest quality version of the music video on YouTube.

  • nine inch nails nin video halloween scary Nine Inch Nails - Gave Up (video)
    This is NOT the MTV video. It's part of the infamous unreleased "Broken Movie". There are rumors that it was investigated by the FBI for its gruesome realism and suspicion of being a snuff film. You will be thankful for the poor video quality. Definitely NSFW. Don't say I didn't warn you.

  • In the spirit of Halloween, I'll treat you to two of my favorite ghost photos:
    The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall | The Story
    The Wem Town Hall Ghost | The Story

  • I don't really have any idea who DJ Shir Khan is, except that he is a DJ from Berlin with a heavy arsenal of electro and ghettotronica who makes some ass-shaking mixes that demand your attention. If you like Uffie, Tiga, and Mylo, give it a listen.


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up (MP3), Top-Earning Dead Celebrities, Lily Allen - Littlest Things (video)

    gwen stefani wind it up mp3
  • gwen stefani wind it up mp3 Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up (MP3)
    If I were to make a list of most unlikely sample sources, 'The Lonely Goatherd' from The Sound of Music would be in the top 10. While the typical Neptunes-produced track is no stranger to daring ideas, this song crosses the thin line separating fun from ridiculous. The rest of the song is ok, but the yodeling is cringeworthy. [via]

  • Apropos to Halloween: Forbes published its list of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities. I thought Elvis and Lennon would be raking in more than Cobain. Let the Courtney Love conspiracy rumors re-circulate.

    1. Kurt Cobain
    2. Elvis Presley
    3. Charles M. Schulz
    4. John Lennon
    5. Albert Einstein
    6. Andy Warhol
    7. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)
    8. Ray Charles
    9. Marilyn Monroe
    10. Johnny Cash
    11. J.R.R. Tolkien
    12. George Harrison
    13. Bob Marley

    lily allen littlest things video
  • lily allen littlest things video Lily Allen - Littlest Things (video)
    This video appears to be influenced by Bergman's 'Persona' and noirish chiaroscuro. Unfortunately, it's also rather dull, but Lily looks lovely with her hair down.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

New Shins - A Comet Appears (MP3), Diving with Andy (MP3s and video), Borat MP3s

    shins a new comet mp3 music download
  • shins a new comet mp3 music download The Shins - A Comet Appears
    This song has a very "Oh, Inverted World" feel. However, I find the familiarity to be inviting rather than uninspired. Speaking of comets, I feel like it has been a Halley's Comet-like interval since their last album. Their new LP "Wincing the Night Away" is due in January 2007 (finally). Based on my initial listen, it will be well worth the wait. I'm particularly excited about the song "Australia", which I may post another day. This is a silly analogy, but the LP may be for the Shins what "Twin Cinema" was for The New Pornographers, a fresh re-invention of a musical approach that already worked. On the new LP, one can hear elements of XTC, Elephant 6 collective type stuff, and the Magnetic Fields, but the sound is distinctively the Shins'.

    diving with andy mp3 music download
  • Diving with Andy consists of Juliette Paquereau (vocals and lyrics) and Rémy Galichet (keys and arrangements). I can't avoid comparing them to Mazzy Star and Camera Obscura. The vocal resemblance to Tracyanne Campbell is uncanny.

    diving with andy mp3 music download Diving with Andy - Andrew
    This song really blows me away. The emotion in her voice is stirring; it has to be for you not to laugh when she sings "f*cking prick" with her lovely French accent.

    diving with andy mp3 music download Diving with Andy - October in May

    diving with andy music video Diving with Andy - Andrew (video)
    Not your typical low-budget indie fare. It captures the mood of the song beautifully.

  • If you don't like Borat, you either have no sense of humor or you're from Kazakhstan. Not to be confused with Beirut and their slightly more refined alt-gypsy rock. Borat is a close second to Ali G among my favorite Sascha Baron Cohen characters, but the new movie may put Borat on top. Ees naice!

    borat mp3 music download Born To Be Wild

    borat mp3 music download In My Country There Is A Problem

    borat mp3 music download You Be My Wife

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lady Sovereign ft Missy Elliott - Love Me or Hate Me (remix)(MP3)

    lady sovereign missy elliott love me or hate me mp3 music download

    lady sovereign missy elliott love me or hate me mp3 music download Lady Sovereign ft Missy Elliott - Love Me or Hate Me (remix), uncensored MP3
    You may have heard recently that Lady Sov hit #1 on MTV's TRL. I'm excited for her and Def Jam, but I'm not sure it's that meaningful as a popularity benchmark. Maybe it's not grime's foot in the door to the mainstream, but at least it shows that the TRL-watching crowd is receptive to something other than the same old garbage. As for this remix, it is vintage Missy. It's a shame she only has one verse; her attitude and delivery is right at home on grime tracks.

    Flashing back to grime's origins with a classic 2-step track: artful dodger mp3 music download Artful Dodger - Movin' Too Fast

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jay-Z - Show Me What You Got (video), Love is All (MP3), Atmosphere (MP3), Lily Allen vs. Stones Roses mash-up, more

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Friday, October 06, 2006

The Battle of Band Cover Art, Scarlett & Dita in Flaunt, more

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Eminem - You Don't Know (MP3)

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