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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hilarious RIAA News Spoof at The Onion

Excerpted from the Onion:
The Recording Industry Association of America announced Tuesday that it will be taking legal action against anyone discovered telling friends, acquaintances, or associates about new songs, artists, or albums. "We are merely exercising our right to defend our intellectual properties from unauthorized peer-to-peer notification of the existence of copyrighted material."

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RIAA gets tough, DRM losses, Pick the cable channels you want?, more

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Morcheeba - Everybody Loves a Loser (video)

morcheeba video
Morcheeba has always been one of the "safer" downtempo artists, allowing artists like Portishead and Massive Attack to pave the way in the genre. Nevertheless, they do have some cool songs, including the 70s Bond music-infused "Everybody Loves a Loser", which is off their new, more guitar-driven album, The Antidote. The video, however, will make you dizzy.

morcheeba video Morcheeba - Everybody Loves a Loser (video)

Morcheeba - The Antidote

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The Game - Say Goodbye feat. Paul Wall

the game say goodbye
the game say goodbye The Game - Say Goodbye feat. Paul Wall
New one from The Game ripped from the radio (DJ Skee's 'Westside Hype' show). It features Paul Wall and is produced by Dr. Dre. Sorry, wish I had a better version. Wait till December. [via]

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Vinyl simulation, Legal online music catching on?, 1 terabyte iPod in 5 years?

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Bruce Lee Statue of Peace

bruce lee statue
Boing Boing: Bosnian town unveils Bruce Lee statue of peace

Bruce Lee would have been 65. Irony or appropriate finishing touch: Statue of Bruce Lee erected as a symbol of peace and unity has his nunchucks stolen.

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Freqtric Drums

freqtric drums

Only the Japanese could come up with instrumentation as strange and cool as human electronic drums: Freqtric Drums. Here's a cool demo of the drums in action: freqtric drums Freqtric Drums

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Busta Cuts His Dreads

busta cuts his dreads
busta cuts his dreads Busta Cuts His Dreads

Can't believe he did this! 15 years of dreads gone. Imagine all the wankstas that have fallen by the wayside in that time. Hopefully, he's still as crazy and innovative on Interscope as he's always been.

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Magnetophone - Lost In Edit

magnetophone mp3
magnetophone mp3 Magnetophone - Lost In Edit

JM Lapham of The Earlies creates a dreamy 15 minute megamix of Magnetophone's latest album. This is a good introduction to the group that also works as background/chill out music.

Magnetophone - Man Who Ate the Man

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The Game - 120 Bars (stop snitchin')

game 120 bars
game 120 bars The Game - 120 Bars (stop snitchin') aka 120

DJ Clue invited The Game to put the G-Unit beef to rest. The Game obliged but hit 50 Cent and crew hard with this supposedly final diss. It's a ballsy move considering 50's pull at Interscope.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Attorneys

free music downloads
The Attorneys

The Attorneys are a throwback to 80s rock, minus the bad hair. Check out mp3 The Way I Want to Love

From their myspace:
Three Boys from Brooklyn charge into the musical fray with melancholy, multilayered vocals and a canny combination of staccato riffs and expansive atmosphere.

More info here.

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Songbird Media Player, Madonna matches Elvis, Barney vs. 2pac video, Kazaa to filter itself

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

MP3: Jenny Lewis - You Are What You Love

jenny lewis mp3

Jenny Lewis, of Rilo Kiley fame of course, looks especially cute in that pic above. Her new country/alt-country album with the Watson Twins, "Rabbit Fur Coat", has leaked. It's a soft, straightforward, and fairly restrained album with a few gems including the title track and the following song. Can't wait for Rilo Kiley's album next year.

jenny lewis mp3 Jenny Lewis - You Are What You Love
(Download on next page)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

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MP3: Raekwon - State of Grace

raekwon state of grace
raekwon mp3 Raekwon - State of Grace

Starts with an obligatory Scarface soundbyte. The title is apparently inspired by one of the Chef's favorite movies. This is produced by the RZA and comes from Raekwon's forthcoming album, Only Built For Cuban Linx 2. Hope it hits as hard as part 1.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Kanye West feat. Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say (video)

kanye west video

kanye west video Kanye West feat. Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say (video)
Features a hand-drawn story from renowned animator Bill Plympton (note: need to skip past the 106 & park intro). A second video version will air around Christmas directed by Michel Gondry (of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" fame).

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MP3: Deerhoof - Wrong Time Capsule


I previously posted some old Deerhoof favorites that could be found at the Puzzling Music Archive. Here's a track from their 2005 album 'The Runner Four', entitled Wrong Time Capsule. It's hard to describe; it sounds like Nirvana's Drain You put in a blender and re-interpreted by Goo era Sonic Youth. Ok, that probably means nothing to you. Just listen to it.

deerhoof mp3 Deerhoof - Wrong Time Capsule

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MP3: Pernice Brothers - There Goes the Sun

pernice brothers

If you like Marjorie Fair, you might like thoughtful indie pop of the Pernice Brothers. Listen to their beautiful shimmery farewell to love, pernice brothers There Goes the Sun.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

House Blinger, Crazy Christmas Lights (video)

How blinged out is your house with Chirstmas lights? If you're in the UK, send a photo to House Blinger

Christmas Lights video
Speaking of Christmas lights, you need to see this awesome prog rock Christmas lights display on a house. It is unbelievably cool.
Crazy Christmas Lights

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Super Mario Bros. theme on marimba (video)

Super Mario Bros. theme on marimba

Francis Howell High School's talent show in 2005 performance of Super Mario Bros. theme Super Mario Bros. theme on marimba [via BB]

This is a fun and energetic rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme song, including "underground/into the pipe" music, "water level" music, "invincibility star" music, etc.

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Kylie Minogue's comeback, David Bowie movie star, World's ugliest dog dies

Kylie Minogue comeback
Kylie Minogue comeback begins
Good news for Kylie Minogue fans. New single on Christmas and possibly touring next year after her fight with breast cancer?!

David Bowie in Christopher Nolan film
David Bowie will join the Christopher Nolan-directed "The Prestige," the Touchstone Pictures/Warner Bros. drama that stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine.

ugliest dog dead
World's ugliest dog dies

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American Idiot mash-up album, Bad day for Sony

American Idiot mash-up
Dean Gray presents American Edit
Not sure what I think about this one yet. While most of it is done pretty well, it has more curiosity value than repeat-listen value.

EFF sues Sony, Texas sues Sony, FoxTrot makes fun of Sony. Bad day for Sony.

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Bush confused by locked doors (video)

Bush locked doors video

This is hilarious! I love that helpless expression.
Door thwarts quick exit for Bush
Bush vide) Bush confused by locked doors (streaming video)

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Monday, November 21, 2005

R.I.P. Link Wray

Link Wray

R.I.P. Link Wray.

Sample some of his music here. [via donewaiting]

I suppose I'm late with this sad news of his passing. How influential and respected was he? From the official site:
Link Wray is known for being the first musician to experiment with the sounds that pioneered rock and roll and punk styles. Link virtually invented fuzz tone by deliberately punching holes in his amplifier speakers. He was also a true pioneer of the use of distortion on instrumental rock recordings....
Link was a musician’s musician:
Elvis Presley invited him home in the 50s.
Bowie, Dylan, Van Zandt and Springsteen attended Link's concerts since their early youth.
John Lennon carried Link's music on his travel jukebox.
Jerry Garcia played on Link's record in the 70s.
Pete Townsend wrote liner notes.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Arctic Monkeys vs. Missy Elliott mash-up (mp3), Future of TV, more

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Date Baiting: Fraud

online dating

Hard to find an online date? And then a message arrives! Well, the potential date prospect behind that message may actually be an employee of!, a unit of IAC/Interactive Corp., is accused in a federal lawsuit of goading members into renewing their subscriptions through bogus romantic e-mails sent out by company employees. In some instances, the suit contends, people on the Match payroll even went on sham dates with subscribers as a marketing ploy.

edit: Cool, my submission got the green light on Boing Boing!

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Tom Cruise South Park episode, The Fountain trailer, King Kong trailer

  • Can't believe I'm 26 today. I wonder at what point birthdays are supposed to fill us with more dread than joy. I can't help but think that 21 was the zenith in the inverted parabola of birthday enjoyment and that it's all downhill from here.

  • This site has a clip from the infamous Tom Cruise South Park episode

  • Trailer for Darren Aronofsky's mysterious new film, video The Fountain.
    Trivia: Brad Pitt initially cast in lead role, left to do Troy (hahaha).
    Trivia 2: Hugh Jackman had to shave off all of the hair on his head and chest for scenes in the last third of the movie.

    King Kong
  • And this one's been out since the beginning of November, but it's worth a look if you haven't seen it: video King Kong trailer. Despite my initial fears, it doesn't look like Peter Jackson will disappoint.

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