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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ghoulish Halloween tunes: Ministry and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

How can you celebrate Halloween without some industrial music?

Ministry - Everyday is Halloween
Before Ministry sounded like Minsitry, they sounded like...well, synth pop. The classic tune from their Wax Trax LP of the same title.

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness
'Drown our useless age in blood" goes the intro. Then the psycho-funk comes in and the delicious blood-curdling scream in the chorus. From the classic MTWTTKK 'Confessions of a Knife' LP.

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Happy Halloween!

Click for full size

Truly scary Foxtrot comic today. (Read the labels on the kids' hats). I'd run out of the house screaming if I saw them appear at my doorstep.

Well, Bush pulls a scary Halloween trick on us, nominating Alito to the high court. Nothing like a little controversy to deflect attention from the other controversy (i.e. Libby indictment). I guess they had to find something, now that Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and bird flu have lost their media appeal. Better hightail over to the Capitol for your Rosa Parks photo-op before it's too late.

Top 10 scary movies

HM. Carrie - Worth it just for the prom scene and the ending. My startle was amplified to heart attack status when the girl next to me grabbed me.

10) Psycho - This Hitchcock classic really could have been the greatest, if Janet Leigh had gotten better lines, and if the psychobabble sequence from the shrink at the end had been cut out. Too bad.

9) Halloween - Come on, how could Halloween not be on this list?

8) The Evil Dead - The possessed hand and the scene in the woods help this movie climb into the Top 10, even if the rest is all rather hokey.

7) Poltergeist - I think the Poltergeist curse is scarier than the movie itself. Still, it's a pretty good ghost story.

6) The Beyond - More gory than scary, a prime example of style over substance. If you can tolerate the meandering plot, this atmospheric horror film does provide some genuinely haunting moments, not to mention some of the best gore ever filmed.

5) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) - Leatherface might be the scariest movie monster ever.

4) Don't Look Now - One of the best psychological horror films with a truly haunting ending. It plays on our fear of not wanting to let go of a lost love one.

3) The Shining - The twin girls, Room 237, Redrum. That is enough psychological trauma for any scary movie. Don't miss The Shining re-enacted in 30 seconds by the bunnies. Absolute hilarity!

2) Suspiria - A dance school that is actually a witches' coven. What could go wrong? A horror classic from 'Italian Hitchock', Dario Argento.

1) The Exorcist - Considering all of today's special effects wizardry, this was probably scarier in the 70s. Nevertheless, it's still quite frightening, especially for anyone with religious convictions. Otherwise, you might find it kinda hokey. They actually filmed the bedroom scene in a refrigerated room to get the frosty breath. (Is it cold in here?)

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

MP3: Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families

Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families

I posted the video a couple of days ago. Here's the MP3 so that you can loop the mesmerising guitar and cello over and over in your head.

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The Game arrested at NC Mall, Eminem doesn't care about black people

The Game arrested at NC Mall for cursing with Halloween mask on
Nice pickup on the AP wire. The comedy writes itself: "The Game has been arrested, accused of causing a scene at a mall and refusing to remove a Halloween mask." I hope The Smoking Gun has a mug shot with him and his mask on. That would totally make my Halloween.

Bob Geldof and Bono sent Eminem photos of African fans wearing Eminem and D12 t-shirts trying to convince him to join the Live 8 line-up, only to be totally ignored. Wow, that's cold, Marshall.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Preview clip of New Dr. Dre - The Next Episode 2006

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg - The Next Episode 2006 (preview)

Needless to say, the next and likely final Dr. Dre album is one of the most anticipated in the world of hip-hop. For all those awaiting the antidote to crunk and H-Town Swishahouse noise pollution.

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Yoda getting down to The Roots (streaming video)

Yoda getting down to The Roots (streaming video)
...with Stormtroopers nodding their heads in the background. This is supposedly an extra on the upcoming Revenge of the Sith DVD.

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Lindsay Lohan High School pics, Fast Food Nation, Monsters and Art

In L.A., from the Fader blog.

Lindsay Lohan High School Yearbook Pictures

Secrecy needed to film Linklater's 'Fast Food Nation'

Monsters and Art Photoshop
Stole this from BoingBoing.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Jay-Z and Nas bury the hatchet, Super Mario theme on a bass (video), Neko Case completes latest album

Jay-Z And Nas Put Beef To Rest

Super Mario Bros. theme on a 9-string bass (video)
This is actually pretty freakin' enjoyable. [via BB]

Neko Case Wraps Next Solo Album

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Madonna - Hung Up (video)

Madonna - Hung Up (video)

Madonna wishes she wuz a breaker. Instead, she resorts to doing her strange jazzercise dance, or whatever the hell that is. So does this video verify

or nullify

her milf status? The jury is still out.

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George Bush's speechalist (video), Kate Moss checks out

George Bush's Presidential Speechalist
Omg, this is hilarious! You have to see the presidential debate portion.

Kate Moss checks outta rehab

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mash-ups: Peaches vs. The Strokes vs. The Munsters, Destiny's Child vs. The Orb

Go Home Productions - Juicebox Rock
Wow, this mash comes together quite wonderfully.
Peaches vs. The Strokes vs. Theme from the Munsters

Go Home Productions - Lose My Toxygene
A toxigenic mash of classic The Orb with the ever popular R&B divas.
Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath vs. The Orb - Toxygene

More hot GHP mashes here.

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Notorious B.I.G. Duets (streaming audio)

More posthumous Notorious B.I.G., from the forthcoming 'Duets' album.

Notorious B.I.G. feat. Twista & Krazie Bone - Spit Your Game

Notorious B.I.G. feat. T.I. and Slim Thug - Breaking Old Habits

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families (video), 25 Most Schocking Movie Moments, Google Base, more

Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families (wmv video)
Kinda weird video. Levitation, burning grilled cheese, lead singer with a black eye...what's up with that. And, omg, listen from 3:20 on...the coolest guitar fuzz-to-cello transition I can remember hearing in a while, not that that's encountered that often. Here's their myspace.

Premiere Magazine presents The 25 Most Shocking Moments in Movie History
I don't know about you, but I found Pulp Fiction's Marcellus Wallace ass-pounding scene to be more shocking than that Reservoir Dogs scene.

Google trying to take over territory held be eBay and Craigslist?
Screenshot here

Wtf? Turner Classic Movies plans Miyazaki showcase. Well, that's cool!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Metric - Monster Hospital (video)

Metric - Monster Hospital (wmv video)

Metric - Monster Hospital (quicktime video)

Wow, this is a scary music video and a timely release for this Halloween season. For movie fans, look for homages to Roman Polanski's 'Repulsion' and the bathroom scene from Francis Ford Copolla's 'The Conversation'. Sorry, my movie nerdness showing. Excellent job by director Micah Meisner.

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Son of Monster Mash Up

DJ BC and other masters of mash have released their Son of Monster Mash Up album, just in time for Halloween. A Halloween party must-play!

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Empire Strikes Back as an animated gif

For those of you who liked the Star Wars animated gif, here's all of Empire Strikes Back as an animated gif [via BB]

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The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost (video stream)

The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost (video stream)

Featuring a cheesy animated version of the Magic Numbers! I always thought it was about a relationship going wrong. But maybe it's also about the ephemeral nature of stardom. Hmmm.

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The Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y.

The Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y.
The Clientele are another Merge Records band receiving buzz. They're currently touring with Spoon. This is a crisp, nostalgic tune with neato string accompaniment; think the Go-Betweens meets the Beatles.

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Depeche Mode - Violated mash album

Depeche Mode - Violated

Just in time for the release of Depeche Mode's new album, 'Playing the Angel', several mashers release a tribute remix/mash album celebrating the legendary 'Violator' LP.

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Cheney is leak source?; Pharrell, Britney = other leaks of the musical variety, tons of remaindered random news

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

DJMonsterMo - Madonna vs. M.I.A. - UR Hung Up

Not just another M.I.A. mash. It's mashed with that hot new Madonna track, you know, the one with the killer ABBA sample. Hope you like it.

*edit: new link 4/6/08*
DJMonsterMo - Madonna vs. M.I.A. - UR Hung Up
Mirrored at Google: DJMonsterMo - Madonna vs. M.I.A. - UR Hung Up.

Madonna - Hung Up (dub) vs. M.I.A. - URAQT (a capella)

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tasty live Goldfrapp, Rakim and Talib Kweli, Liz Phair at World Series, Another Strokes leak

  • Goldfrapp sounds sexy on Later with Jools Holland: here.
    I think I might like these versions even better than the album ones.

  • Rakim and Talib Kweli - Getting Up Anthem
    Not spectacular, but it's always good to hear from Rakim.

  • Anyone see Liz Phair's rendition of God Bless America on World Series Game 1? It wasn't too bad, a little flat on the high notes.

  • Another day, another Strokes leak

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Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain (video stream)

Kate Bush - King Of The Mountain (video stream) [via , via]

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Variety: Icons of the Century, 7 Spookiest Houses, more

  • Variety: Icons of the Century
    #1: The Beatles
    The rest of the top 10 in alphabetical order: Louis Armstrong, Lucille Ball, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, and Elvis Presley. I'm surprised that Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, and Bob Dylan aren't in the top 10, but they are in the top 100. More recent choices include: Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur and Quentin Tarantino. Not sure why they included Mickey Mouse and Lassie, when they excluded Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, The Simpsons, Snoopy, etc.

  • Just in time for Halloween: The Seven Spookiest Houses from Movies

  • Britney's Black Market Baby Pics?

  • Aeon Flux trailer
    aka Charlize Theron slinking around in skimpy spandex and latex. Mmmm.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Pez:Fallen rappers, Strokes leak, new Decemberists, P. Diddy does house?

  • Pez introduces the fallen rappers series [via BB]
    Well, it would have been a nice, albeit odd tribute if it were true.

  • Controlled release Stroking. Yup, two more Strokes tunes have leaked: '15 Minutes of Pain' (Thankfully, only 4 minutes of pain; well, not so much pain as boredom), and 'The Other Side' (I like the verses, but the guitar is annoying and the title and chorus are quite terrible). Mind you, I kinda like 'Juicebox' and I love 'You Only Live Once'.

  • The Decemberists have some new tracks, in all their mispelled glory at purevolume [via brooklynvegan]
    Oops, mispelled as Decembrists on the site.

  • bigstereo has P. Diddy and Felix Da Housecat - Jack U. Worth it just to here P. Diddy waxing poetic about electronic music. Then, you might wanna delete it. Seriously, this crap makes Green Velvet sound profound. Neither Felix nor Armand can save this track; but it will still be a floorfiller for suburbanite numbnuts.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked

Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked from the Verve Music Group, out Oct. 25.
These sorts of compilations are always hit or miss. Track 8 is nice and chill. The others, eh, I dunno. I mean, it's nice to explore your roots. But...there's a reason the members of Us3 are mopping floors now.

01. George Russell * “A Helluva Town” * SA-RA “Go” Remix
02. Charles Mingus * “II B.S.” * RZA’s Mingus Bounce Mix
03. Chino Hamiltonn * “El Toro” * Mark De Culve-Lowe Remix
04. Gabor Szabo * “Mizrab” * Prefuse 73 Remix
05. Dizzy Gillespie * “Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac” * Gerardo Frisina
06. Chico O’Farrill & Clark Terry * “Spanish Rice” * DJ Dolores Remix
07. Archie Shepp * “Attica Blues” * The Chief Xcel (of Blackalicious)
08. Pharaoh Sanders * “Astral Traveling” * Boozoo Bajou Remix
09. Yusef Lateef * “Bamboo Flute Blues” * Kid Koala Remix
10. Oliver Nelson * “Stolen Moments” * Telefon Tel-Aviv Remix
11. John Coltrane * “At Night” * A Poem featuring Ravi Coltrane w/
Julie Patton

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Gwen - Luxurious remix, ft Ludacris

Gwen - Luxurious remix, ft Luda
Link 2
via [ontd]
Wow, this is Gwen's worst single since...ever. I dunno, maybe it will grow on me in a non-fungal way. Sounds like a Cyndi Lauper album reject. Someone could mash this with Time After Time.

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