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Friday, October 21, 2005

Pez:Fallen rappers, Strokes leak, new Decemberists, P. Diddy does house?

  • Pez introduces the fallen rappers series [via BB]
    Well, it would have been a nice, albeit odd tribute if it were true.

  • Controlled release Stroking. Yup, two more Strokes tunes have leaked: '15 Minutes of Pain' (Thankfully, only 4 minutes of pain; well, not so much pain as boredom), and 'The Other Side' (I like the verses, but the guitar is annoying and the title and chorus are quite terrible). Mind you, I kinda like 'Juicebox' and I love 'You Only Live Once'.

  • The Decemberists have some new tracks, in all their mispelled glory at purevolume [via brooklynvegan]
    Oops, mispelled as Decembrists on the site.

  • bigstereo has P. Diddy and Felix Da Housecat - Jack U. Worth it just to here P. Diddy waxing poetic about electronic music. Then, you might wanna delete it. Seriously, this crap makes Green Velvet sound profound. Neither Felix nor Armand can save this track; but it will still be a floorfiller for suburbanite numbnuts.

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