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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Jay-Z and Beyonce Vegas odds, new Lossless mix, and more

  • What is that thing Heidi is holding? Yikes!

  • Jay-Z and Beyonce Expecting?
    While we're on the subject of babies, here are real Vegas odds on Jay-Z and Beyonce from (odds may have changes since Vibe artible was posted):
    Beyoncé and Jay- Z have a baby girl: 2-1
    Nuptials by December 31st 2005: 3-1 odds.
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z have twins: 5-1
    Beyoncé and Jay-Z have triplets: 17-1
    The baby will be less than 8.5 pounds: 2-1
    The baby will be named Destiny: 6-1
    Baby will be born Jan- March 2006: 3-1
    Baby will be born April-June 2006: 2-5
    Baby will be born July- Sept. 2006: 5-1
    Baby will be born Oct.-Dec. 2006: 9-1
    The couple will wed before Dec. 31st: 3-1

  • Lossless has a new seasonal mixtape. Check it out!

  • Madonna begged Abba to use sample in her new single
    And rightfully so. It's a yummy and infectious sample.

  • Beck Remixes Guero

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