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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

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Truly scary Foxtrot comic today. (Read the labels on the kids' hats). I'd run out of the house screaming if I saw them appear at my doorstep.

Well, Bush pulls a scary Halloween trick on us, nominating Alito to the high court. Nothing like a little controversy to deflect attention from the other controversy (i.e. Libby indictment). I guess they had to find something, now that Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and bird flu have lost their media appeal. Better hightail over to the Capitol for your Rosa Parks photo-op before it's too late.

Top 10 scary movies

HM. Carrie - Worth it just for the prom scene and the ending. My startle was amplified to heart attack status when the girl next to me grabbed me.

10) Psycho - This Hitchcock classic really could have been the greatest, if Janet Leigh had gotten better lines, and if the psychobabble sequence from the shrink at the end had been cut out. Too bad.

9) Halloween - Come on, how could Halloween not be on this list?

8) The Evil Dead - The possessed hand and the scene in the woods help this movie climb into the Top 10, even if the rest is all rather hokey.

7) Poltergeist - I think the Poltergeist curse is scarier than the movie itself. Still, it's a pretty good ghost story.

6) The Beyond - More gory than scary, a prime example of style over substance. If you can tolerate the meandering plot, this atmospheric horror film does provide some genuinely haunting moments, not to mention some of the best gore ever filmed.

5) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) - Leatherface might be the scariest movie monster ever.

4) Don't Look Now - One of the best psychological horror films with a truly haunting ending. It plays on our fear of not wanting to let go of a lost love one.

3) The Shining - The twin girls, Room 237, Redrum. That is enough psychological trauma for any scary movie. Don't miss The Shining re-enacted in 30 seconds by the bunnies. Absolute hilarity!

2) Suspiria - A dance school that is actually a witches' coven. What could go wrong? A horror classic from 'Italian Hitchock', Dario Argento.

1) The Exorcist - Considering all of today's special effects wizardry, this was probably scarier in the 70s. Nevertheless, it's still quite frightening, especially for anyone with religious convictions. Otherwise, you might find it kinda hokey. They actually filmed the bedroom scene in a refrigerated room to get the frosty breath. (Is it cold in here?)

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