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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Outlaws

The Outlaws: "Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules"

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This is pretty hot mash-up album from last year that managed to slip under my radar. It features mash-ups of electronic tunes with hip-hop/soul/pop. I especially like the DJ Shadow vs. Chemical Brothers track and the Ludacris mash-up.
1) Intro + Young Mc And The KLF : You Know What Time It Is
2) DJ Shadow And The Chemical Brothers : Chemical Donor
3) ILS And The Sugababes : Next Load
4) Prince And Freq Nasty : When Freq'y Doves Cry
5) Michael Jackson And Dave Clarke : Dirty Dave
6) Ludacris And Sonic Infusion : Reformatted Rolls
7) Layo & Bushwacka! And Mc Hammer : Love Hammer
8) Donna Summer And Josh Wink : I Feel Higher
9) Abba And Prisoners Of Technology : Chiq
10 Raw Deal And Britney Spears : Headless Baby
11)Aliyah And John B : Try My Secrets
12) Ed Rush & Optical And Destiny's Child : Survive This

These magazine reviews sum it up:
Mixmag: "So good they should be locked away for a very long time"
The Face: "Fresh, funky and f*cking ‘aving it!"

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