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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Missy Elliott - The Cookbook tracklisting

Looks like there will be some hot collaborations on Missy's forthcoming LP (Ciara, Pharrell, Slick Rick, Mary J. Blige, Grand Puba, Fatman Scoop, and Tweet. Nice to know that Grand Pub is still alive). 'Lose Control' feat. Ciara and Fatman Scoop and 'On and On' feat. Pharrell are slated to be two of her hit singles, and they've already leaked on ILM (scroll to the bottom; good luck, they're probably gone by now). On these tracks, Missy refines the chunky Timbaland hip-hop electro style that she introduced on 'This Is Not A Test!'. While not as raw or grimey as M.I.A., the beats and production step in the direction of the club without the lyrics losing the realness.

'Lose Control' works into your head subliminally with a catchy chorus, lyrical self-mashing (elements of Work It, 1,2 Step) and her one-of-a-kind call-and-response randomness.
Everybody here getting out of control
Get your backs off the wall 'cuz Misdemeanor said so
Everybody (step step [Ciara whispers subliminally]) (x3)

Mark my words, 'Lose Control' is going to be the anthem of early summer.

Meanwhile, 'On and On' sounds like a soundtrack to a film starring Missy blasting away MCs with lyrical death rays. Pharrell is relegated to the minimal spoken chorus.

Here's a hot lyrical excerpt from the second verse:
Ya'll just rookies, virgins and nookies
Now my competition, you skip or play hooky
Ain't nobody here that can turn the track up
And I ain't done rappers so shut the hell up

Missy Elliott | The Cookbook | June 28, 2005
1.) Joy feat. Mike Jones
2.) Partytime
3.) Irresistable Delicious feat. Slick Rick
4.) Lose Control feat. Ciara and Fatman Scoop
5.) My Struggle feat. Grand Puba and Mary J. Blige
6.) Meltdown
7.) Right One For You
8.) On and On feat. Pharrell
9.) We Run This
10.) Time and Time Again
11.) Gotta Move On feat. Tweet
12.) Mommy
13.) 4 My Man
14.) Tearyeyed feat. Tweet
15.) Smach The Place
16.) Other Things (Bonus Track)

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