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Saturday, April 02, 2005

(S)ourmedia, Rockers who died at 27, Kelis vs. Iron & Wine vs. Massive Attack, whaaaa?

  • Review of Ourmedia
    Well, I am tempering, or rather revoking, my initial glowing excitement for the ourmedia resource with this fairly negative review. In my experience thus far, uploading MP3s (music that I've made myself) has led to empty nodes and zero files shared. I've even written them about it and received no response. I've registered at Ourmedia and Internet Archive as they've said to do. What the hell is going on? My theories: 1) Knowing that users may upload unauthorized MP3s (which I am not doing) they may have a more stringent screening criteria, 2) They may be biased against lossy formats like MP3 (as they demonstrate in their Internet Archive), 3) The whole upload process is buggered. Conclusion: This alpha is light years away from a beta. Well, the delay and the ambiguity renders ourmedia at this time a rather useless resource for serious musicians. There I said it. If they get their act together, they can let me know when they announce their beta.
  • YuppiePunk has an interesting post on rockers who croaked at age 27
  • Mash-up MP3: Kelis vs. Iron & Wine vs. Massive Attack
    Amazingly, this mash-up works. Most slowed-down mashes end up in the trash bin, but this one actually holds together. A pretty bold feat to mash R&B and folk, if you ask me.

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