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Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Artist: Bullette

I was happy to find a pleasant surprise in my Gmail Inbox. I love receiving review requests when the music is as polished and enjoyable as this. This is clearly an artist on the verge of big things: her lyrics are contemplative, nuanced, and poetic, and her music is eclectic with variations in tempo and style that complement each song well. The style ranges from good ol' indie rock ( Don't Start Believin', a play on Journey's song title) to edgy alternative ( Show Me) to contemplative eclectic acoustic rock ( Little Bird) to gorgeous unclassifiable downtempo/rock fusion ( Uneasy); OK, I'm just making up genres now, but you get the idea. You can hear the influence of Nancy Sinatra (listen to Disappearing Act, wow), Aimee Mann, and Stereolab. She has a unique style that is difficult to describe; I liken it to a mix of Trespassers William, Feist, and Masha Qrella, good company for indie fans.

And if she didn't win me over with her awesome music, she did with the Metric pics on her site that she pointed me to.

Bullette - The Secrets
Full album available for download on the artist's site; you can also buy a CD for $10.

Also check out reviews at Spoilt Victorian Child and The Mystical Beast

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