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Friday, July 01, 2005

Thoughts on O'Connor's resignation, Live 8 odds, more

  • Well, by now you've heard of O'Connor's resignation from the Supreme Court. A sad day for liberals and moderates. I envision a run on Plan B, wire coat hangers, and plane tickets to Canada.

  • Funny odds on the Live 8 concert from Oddjack
    · Someone will use the pick up line “How’d you like to relieve the African debt in my pants?”: 1/5
    · Coca-Cola will plunk down a brief case full of cash to be the “Official Soft Drink of Live 8”: 3/1
    · Philadelphia Eagles fans will throw D batteries at the concert performers at Art Museum: Even
    · Blood will pour out of my eyes while listening to an impromptu “Ebony and Ivory” duet by Rob Thomas and Stevie Wonder: Even

    · Price of a bottle of water: $6
    · Percentage of things made of hemp (excluding actual narcotics): 73
    · Times President Bush will be called a criminal: 65.5
    · Times President Bush will be called a war criminal: 49.5
    · Port-o-Johns set ablaze: 16

  • totally fuzzy [temporarily?] calls it quits
    Thanks for your hard work. Best of luck with your other endeavors.
  • Death in the celebrity age (
    Kottke wonders how we will deal with more 'celebrities' dying in the cyber age, since there are more 'famous' people now than ever before, all of whom must inevitably kick the bucket. Simple answer: we will care proportionally less for each of them. C- and Z-list celebrities that pollute the airwaves with TV miniseries and infomercials can help us out by dying untimely lackluster deaths.
  • Paris and Paris to Make Horror Movie
  • Sufjan Stevens Records New Song For NPR
  • Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod
    Bluetooth wireless goodness.

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