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Friday, August 05, 2005

Checking out Yahoo! Audio Search --> querying Sweet Jane

I stumbled across Yahoo! Audio Search and decided to see if it served any useful purpose. By default, it apparently provides links to commercial sites that serve up digital downloads, as one can see with the results of the search query "Sweet Jane": Yahoo! Audio Search Results for sweet jane. Relevance is called into question since it returns "1969: Velvet Underground Live, Vol. 1" and various cover versions before the original Velvet Underground version on the "Loaded" LP appears at #11.

Clicking on the "Podcasts" tab revealed no results.

However, the hidden beauty of Yahoo! Audio Search may be the "Other Audio" tab, which returned these results: Yahoo! Audio Search Results for sweet jane. Among these, I found a lot of commercial sites, but also a link to an MP3 of the original recording: Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane and a link to this interesting collaboration: Lou Reed and Soul Asylum - Sweet Jane. I also found a snippet of a neat Sugarcubes cover (unfortunately truncated and low-fi). You can probably poke around to find the Cowboy Junkies cover version also, as well as other covers.

Looks like we have a new resource that destroys Exploseek (which returns mostly dead results) and other Google plus boolean operand attempts to search for music.

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