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Friday, December 02, 2005

David Byrne rants about the RIAA

The RIAA warned David Byrne about DMCA laws that prevent him from streaming more than 4 songs of a particular artist (in this case: Missy Elliott) in a row on his internet radio station. I say in protest, people start making streams and podcasts of their favorite artists and broadcast them around-the-clock. Quoting Byrne:
From Lawrence Lessig’s book Free Culture, citing an estimate: “...if an Internet radio station distributed ad-free popular music” — as mine does — “to ten thousand listeners, twenty-four hours a day, the total artist fees that radio station would owe would be over $1 million a year. A regular radio station broadcasting the same content would pay no equivalent fee.”

Why the double standrad? You have Congress and the DMCA to thank for that...for not understanding the difference between streaming and downloading and for not understanding the value of fair use to promote music.

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