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Monday, December 12, 2005

Lennon in memoriam, Lyrics and tabs crackdown, Smirnoff music, Yahoo buys, A Christmas Gory

I'm snowed-in in Boston, and I'll be away in California and St. Louis next week. Updates may be difficult.

In the meantime:

  • Lennon quotes, in memoriam:
    "Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it."

    "When real music comes to me - the music of the spheres, the music that surpasses understanding - that has nothing to do with me, cause I'm just the channel. The only joy for me is for it to be given to me, and to transcribe it like a medium... those moments are what I live for."

  • Lyrics and tabs sites to face Music Publishers' Association crackdown!
    This seems counterpoductive. While publishers may own the publishing rights, there is no value without delivering the product on demand to end-users; sites have filled that void and it will be impossible to shut everyone done.

    "The Xerox machine was the big usurper of our potential income," [MPA rep] said. "But now the internet is taking more of a bite out of sheet music and printed music sales so we're taking a more proactive stance."

    If the MPA wants to be useful, why not license their content to designated authentic lyrics sites and badge them, and leave other user-submitted lyrical interpretations alone. ILM discussion

  • Uri Planet Music features selections from Nouvelle Vague, Eiffel Tower, DJEZI, Summer Lawns, and Ratatat

  • Yahoo buys

  • What if A Christmas Story were a horror movie? (A Christmas Gory)

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