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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Enter The Void Movie Review

Enter the Void 7/10
If you can't take first person camerawork or themes that are characteristic of the New French Extremity, stay far, far away from this film. It is initially engrossing but at the same time suffocating and claustrophobia-inducing. The first 10 minutes are like a weird acid trip. Being inside Oscar's (Nathaniel Brown) head is not a fun place to be. The cinematography during the transformation that he undergoes is clearly influenced by "2001" (and perhaps some psychotropic substances). The remainder of the film is an unfocused, time-jumping, stream-of-consciousness haze as Oscar is forced to relive his past over and over again as a passive spectator. The ending, however, is well-executed. In fact, the beginning and end are rather brilliant. I just wish that there was more happening in between. Just as in other Noé films, the plot is lacking compared to the mood and visuals.


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