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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Body Poppin'!

  • MPG: Futureshock - Late at Night (video)
    Just a patrolman's typical late night beat, with everybody body poppin'! (Thanks kottke).
  • The Electric Boogaloos! (video clips)
    Some original flava. From Mr. Wiggles' site:
    While the debate still continues as of who is considered the creator of this dance, in my belief and opinion, I believe that BOOGALOO SAM created the dance called "POPPIN" that I have grown to love. The style and complexity of this dance is based on continuos flexing of the muscles to the beat while executing precise and funky angles that are based on many styles created by Sam's group THE ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. these angles provide funky and rhythmic positions for a popper to hit while flexing his or her muscles to the beat.

  • Stiga (video clips)
    The French don't just make electro. They're down with the body poppin' too!
  • Update: Entroporium offers an account about the origin of the robot dance
    Don't know if anyone can definitively settle this.

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