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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rapidshare countdown timer hack

Update: Crap, this script runs down the counter but does not render the file downloadable. If anyone can fix this, lemme know. *grumble*

Here's some news you can use. Since all the old Radpishare bookmarklets are outdated, use the following as a bookmarklet to bypass the annoying countdown timer:
javascript:var counta=0;var countb=0;var countc=0;var countd=0;var counte=0;var countf=0;var countg=0;var counth=0;var counti=0;var countj=0;var countk=0;var countl=0;var countm=0;var countn=0;var counto=0;var countp=0;var countq=0;var countr=0;var counts=0;var countt=0;var countu=0;var countv=0;var countw=0;var countx=0;var county=0;var countz=0;

To do this, create a new bookmark, and edit the location to include the javascript bookmarklet above. Or just drag this into your bookmarks. When you get to a Rapidshare page with a timer, use the bookmarklet, and voila, instant download. Enjoy!

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