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Sunday, May 15, 2005

HFStival: Photos and Quickie Review

    My HFStival schedule:

  • Missed The Bravery

  • End of Louis XIV set 7/10

    Partial setlist: Finding Out True Love Is Blind
    Not bad, for the little bit that I heard.

  • They Might Be Giants 6/10

    Complete setlist: Why Does The Sun Shine?, Fingertips, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Boss Of Me, Clap Your Hands, Ana Ng, Alphabet Of Nations, Particle Man, Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
    I think the nerd factor was of great comic value to the group I was with. It was nice to hear the old classics though.

  • Interpol 8/10

    Partial setlist: Slow Hands, NARC, Say Hello to the Angels, Evil (I forget the order, too bad they didn't play C'mere)
    Interpol strutted their stuff pretty well. They sound clean and stoic live, like they do on their albums.

  • (lunch)

  • Echo and the Bunnymen 0/10
    Ian McCulloch lost his voice. Boooo.

  • Garbage 9/10

    Partial setlist: Stupid Girl, Vow, Bleed Like Me, Paranoid, Push It, Only Happy When It Rains
    Shirley Manson was sultry and incredibly energetic. She really charged up the crowd with new and old tunes after the EatB disappointment.

  • Sum 41 (regretfully, at my friend's insistence, and briefly) 1/10

  • Buzz Tent (Reid Speed, Gray Area) 7/10 and 6/10

    Young raver learning the sticks.

    My friend flashing the glowsticks.

  • (dinner)

  • Buzz Tent (DJ Rap, Scott Henry) 6/10 and 8/10

    DJ Rap was all right. The MC was frikkin' annoying.

  • End of Billy Idol set 8/10
    Partial setlist: Rebel Yell, Scream, Flesh For Fantasy, Mony Mony
    Oooold school, but he can still rock.

  • (rain delay, impromptu slip and slide using large plastic signs)

  • Coldplay 10/10

    Partial setlist: Yellow, Clocks, In My Place
    Chris Martin was charismatic, acknowledging the crowd and praising the other HFStival acts. He played an inspired, heartfelt set.

  • Foo Fighters 10/10

    Full setlist: All My Life, Learn to Fly, My Hero, Times Like These, The Last Song, Stacked Actors (with retro jam session featuring Grohl on a Les Paul and the guitarist on a Rickebacker, I think; then, he walked into the crowd, to the chagrin of security), Monkey Wrench, Everlong (beautiful way to end the night)
    Too bad my digital camera ran out of f&*in batteries. I was only able to snap a couple of photos, and they turned out not so hot. Phew, I'm exhausted.

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