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Saturday, June 18, 2005

John Eff Kennedy - Bomb The Hamptons (celeb remix)

John Eff Kennedy - Bomb The Hamptons (celeb remix)
Wow, this song is brutally funny. The delivery is mediocre, reminiscent of Goldie Lookin' Chain. But the lyrics make up for that. Lyrical excerpts:
Hit the krispy kremes that mariah carey's in.
There's like a million gyllenhaals, kill em all.
jerry seinfeld's like 'what's the deal
with this land mine filling my nuts with steel?'

star jones is getting drunk with usher --
she's so big, we might need a bunker buster.
hit the yoga classes of all the a-lists.
leave bloody stumps with kabbalah bracelets!

DJMonsterMo | 10:43 AM |


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