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Friday, July 08, 2005

Boost Mobile Rock Corps

  • Boost Mobile Rock Corps
    Encouraging social service with rewards of music events. Cool!

    Saturday, July 9 - Washington, DC
    Station: WWDC - DC101
    Crank it up! Tune into DC101 and hook up with Volunteer Fairfax for a free ticket to see Coldplay

    Saturday, July 16 - Chicago, IL
    Station: Q101 - 101.1
    Where do you go for everything alternative? Q1010! Listen tin to help Chicago Cares and Friends of the Forest Service Preserve. Help the forest get green, and you'll have passes to Green Day

    Sunday, July 17 - Chicago, IL
    Station: WGCI - 107.5
    Get in where you fit in at WGCI and score entry to refurbish Stanton Park and playgrounds at Cabrinin Green. Putting in four hours of your time will earn you a free ticket to check out Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah and Jill Scott!

    Saturday, July 30 - Atlanta, GA
    Station: WNNX - 99x
    Exercise your freedom of choice. Listen for your chance to clean up Beaverbrook Stream. Spend one day helping out, and you'll spend a day at the Van's Warped Tour!

    Sunday, July 31 - Atlanta, GA
    Station: WHTA - Hot 107.9
    Keep your ear tuned to Hot 107.9 for your chance to clean up Carey's Center for Mathematics and Technology with Hands on Atlanta. You'll get 50 for only four hours of community service--50 Cent that is! Get into the Anger Management Tour and check out Eminem, too!

    Saturday, August 6 - Washington, DC
    Station: WPGC - 99.5
    Join up with the Latin American Youth Center to renovate the Latin American Montessori Bilingual School - You'll get into the Labor Day Mix Off for free!

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