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Monday, July 25, 2005

Scenestars has new Nas, Lindsay Lohan sex pics j/k, more

Scenestars has the new one from Nasty Nas. Sorry, 50. 'Piggy Bank' was weaker than an octogenerian without Viagra. Nas tears 50's ass wider than Queensbridge.

Lindsay Lohan sex pics
Haha, sorry. Stole that joke from Defamer.

Courtney Love's got no love for Dave Grohl
The public falling out dates back to at least 2001, when Love went to court to block Grohl and fellow Nirvana survivor Krist Novoselic from putting out a box set of band rarities. The suit also sought to give Love sole rights to the Grammy-winning Seattle grunge pioneer's music.

Courtney, maybe you should have gotten Kurt to draft a will before he decorated the room with buckshot and gray matter. How about we give you a dollar for everyone who doesn't want to hear your music or see you in the movies? You'd still be a millionaire.

Singer fatally injured in onstage accident

Face/Off, for real

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