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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Couple of fun posts

This one had me in stitches!
Fark Photoshop: If musicians switched from one genre to another

How to beat carny games!

"For the dime toss game, where you try to land a dime or other coin on a glass plate placed several feet back from where the mark stands, the winning ingredient is saliva."

"For knocking over milk jugs games, most players mistakently aim for the intersection of the 3 jugs, which means striking the bottom 2 at the top of the jug.  problem is, the jugs have a couple pounds of lead in the bottom, making them behave like weebles.  if you can hit the base of the bottom 2 jugs you have a much better chance of success."and more!

Now go and impress your significant other!

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