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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Outkast movie stills, Yahoo's Shoposphere, Pa. kidnapper's and kidnappee's Myspace and Xanga, i2Hub shuts down

    Idlewild Outkast stills
    Idlewild Outkast stills

  • More stills from the forthcoming Outkast movie 'Idlewild' at this site. The Outkast film and soundtrack release dates have been delayed.

  • What happens when you combine blogs/Flickr and shopping? Yahoo's new Shoposphere. Great. This is potentially just as useless as Amazon's Listmania, with additional worthless commentary. More info here.

  • For those with a morbid curiosity:
    Live from Pa.: The GF's Myspace and Xanga and the alleged killer BF's Myspace and Xanga. Kinda boring actually. [via MeFi]

  • i2Hub network shuts down

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