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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Grab Bag: Lady Sovereign, The Sounds, Coldcut, Calexico, Mogwai, Scandinavian bands at SXSW (MP3s, audio, video)

lady sovereign mp3 Lady Sovereign - Mizz Beats featuring Skepta, JME, Ears, Jammer & Baby Blue (Adidas Hoodie Remix)
This grimey song will really jolt you out of the afternoon doldrums.

the sounds video
the sounds video The Sounds - Song With a Mission
This video was filmed in Cuba. I didn't know Maja looked so yummy under the sweltering sun.

coldcut video
coldcut video Coldcut - True Skool
This song is bubble gummy but funky fresh. Trippy video too.

calexico mp3 Calexico - Cruel

mogwai mp3 Mogwai - Folk Death 95

Here's a spotlight on Scandinavian bands at SXSW.

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