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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

KRS-One vs. Celtic music mashup, Will Ferrell is NOT dead, Axl Rose vs. Starbury, Magnet - Fall At Your Feet (video), more

  • DJ BC - Da Sound of Da Irish Police Band
    Just in time for St. Patty's Day, scroll down on the page and check out the hilarious but well-done mashup of KRS-One's 'Hip Hop v. Rap" with Celtic music.

    will ferrell not dead
  • Will Ferrell is NOT dead
    Although there was a newswire story in Google News (shown above) claiming that he had died in a paragliding accident. Google News needs to clean up their sources. Sheesh. Looks like somebody punk'd and Google News.
    About the hoax

  • Axl Rose knocks over Stephon Marbury
    This was in Monday's Page Six:
    "The fascinatingly mercurial GUNS N' ROSES frontman [Axl Rose] fled club Stereo late Thursday night after a drunken fan inadvertently spat in his eye. Axl, sporting braids in a ponytail and looking puffy in a white sweater, was tolerating the sloppy dude's boozy line of questioning until some spittle landed on his contacts. 'Axl started yelling, 'My [bleep]ing eyes! My contacts,' reports our spywitness. 'He became irate. He ran out of the club with one eye closed and knocked over Stephon Marbury on his way out the door. He left his whole entourage behind.' The eye-closing experience was the final stop of the night for the easily enraged Rose."

  • magnet fall at your feet video Magnet, - Fall At Your Feet (video)
    Fall At Your Feet is a lovely song, but I'm not a fan of the choppy style of editing in this vid.

  • NIH says that portable music hearing risk needs more study

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