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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Can Vinyl Survive?, Trentalange (MP3s)

  • Can Vinyl Survive? Yea - Nay

    Great articles from the Resident Advisor site.

    IMHO, there is no medium for DJing that has the tactile responsiveness of vinyl, not even DJ CD players or technology like FinalScratch. I do have to admit though that vinyl is bulky, heavy, and expensive. It has become fairly easy for emerging DJs to abandon vinyl altogether. The stigma of digital is all but gone. The barriers to entry have been reduced and the age of the iPod DJ is upon us. There is already an oversaturation of DJs and sadly, the mystique of the DJ is slowly waning. The day has come where the typical DJ is relegated to his/her dark booth, blundering around in the background of a once beloved nighttime haunt surrounded by unappreciative patrons that drop shitty requests all night. As for the DJ dilettantes: the barrage of requests, the empty dance floor, and the crowd of people standing against the wall with their arms folded means you probably suck. If DJing is simply about convenience and paying the bills, the art of DJing is in danger of being lost in the mix of things.

  • If you like Azure Ray, you should probably check out Trentalange

    indie music mp3 Trentalange - Lonely Land
    This song is begging for inclusion in a soundtrack. I'm thinking a dark scene with two lovers breaking up.
    indie music mp3 Trentalange - Take Me Home
    Starts off with a disembodied Elastica-like guitar riff, then dreamily loafs along before picking up again.

    And two more:
    indie music mp3 Trentalange - Rabbit
    indie music mp3 Trentalange - Monster

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