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Monday, September 04, 2006

Maow (Neko Case in 1996), MP3s and video

    maow neko case mp3
    Before Neko Case's solo career and New Pornographers collaboration, she was in a fun little punk/pop/country band named Maow. The album is a 21-minute odditty that I bet she wishes could be deleted from her discography. The sound is really rough and low-fi, but entertaining nonetheless.

    This one is really catchy and silly.
    maow neko case mp3 Maow (with Neko Case) - Ms. Lefevre (MP3)

    And if that's not enough entertainment, you have to check out the video:
    maow neko case mp3 Maow (with Neko Case) - Ms. Lefevre (video)
    I see someone forgot their Ritalin.

    This is a fun little ditty that disses Eric Clapton and gives props to Hank Williams.
    maow neko case mp3 Maow (with Neko Case) - Very Missionary (MP3)

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