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Monday, September 25, 2006

New Young Jeezy - I Love It (MP3), David Bowie on Extras (video), The Positions (MP3s)

  • young jeezy i love it mp3 Young Jeezy - I Love It (MP3)
    Wow. Dare I call this the hip-hop track of the year? Well, not quite. The rhymes are a bit generic. However, the hook is infectious as hell. This is the hottest joint I've heard since 'It's Goin' Down'. I can't wait to blast this in my car tomorrow. [via]

  • David Bowie does a funny improv bit on david bowie extras video Extras (BBC Two), created by Ricky Gervais (The Office).
    Man, I wish I could get British TV here. I'm going to have to download the British version of The Office to find out if what they say is true (that the British version is better than the American one).

    download free mp3s the positions
  • download free mp3s the positions The Positions - Back to Me
    download free mp3s the positions The Positions - Bliss
    Nicole's carefree vocals make these songs a worthwhile listen. You can hear the yearning in her gentle voice on 'Back to Me'. I'm not sure how I feel about the brass with keyboard, especially on the second track. It's certainly a unique sound.

  • New Midlake video: download midlake videos Head Home
    They confirm once again why their buzz is warranted. Great stuff.

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