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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Remembering James Brown

Don't know what's going on, but they're dropping like flies out there: Gerald Ford dead

I didn't properly eulogize James Brown the other day.

There's music before James Brown and there's music after James Brown. Sure, the simple dichotomy is cliche and has been said of other larger-than-life artists, but this statement was more true of him than of any other living artist, which is why his death is such a great loss. The turntable and the sampler revolutionized hip-hop and dance music, but the notes and phrases were (directly or indirectly) James Brown. He wasn't only the Godfather of Soul and the funkiest man alive, he was an inspiration for entire genres of music, especially hip-hop, R&B, and drum and bass. Imagine Parliament and Funkadelic without James Brown. Imagine Public Enemy without James Brown. Where would drum and bass be without the Funky Drummer riff? Soul brother, you'll be missed.

James Brown eulogized:

Mick Jagger: ""His passing is a huge loss to music. He was a whirlwind of energy and precision, and he was always very generous and supportive to me in the early days of The Stones. I've always been a huge admirer of him as a performer and a band leader."

Snoop Dogg: ""I am hurt. That's my godfather, my soul inspiration, the hardest working man in show business of all time. He'll be missed, but his music and his legacy will live on through me, in every way you can imagine. Soul brother No. 1 ... we miss you James Brown."

President Bush: "An American original - his fans came from all walks of life and backgrounds. James Brown's family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers this Christmas."

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