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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hideout Block Party Day 1: Bloc Party - Banquet (live video)

hideout block party bloc party video Hideout Block Party Day 1: Bloc Party - Banquet (live video)

Bloc Party kicked off the new leg of their U.S. tour at the Hideout Block Party in Chi-town yesterday. The lead singer Kele Okereke has a good sense of humor; he joked about being excited to play at the "world famous Hideout Block Party that we named our band after" (well, after day 2's lineup, there might be more buzz about this party; see below). They performed selections from 'Silent Alarm' and 'A Weekend in the City'. The performance exceeded my expectations and the crowd was fairly into it. It confirmed for me however that 'Silent Alarm' indeed has better songs live as well as on CD as "Banquet", "So Here We Are", and "Like Eating Glass" really generated the most crowd excitement. I left before the two encores to retrieve my car from its illegally parked location at the local Home Depot. Day 2 today: Cass McCombs, Head of Femur, Dan Deacon, Art Brut, The Frames, and Andrew Bird!

Day 1 featured
6:00 south stage
The Cinematics Glasgow, Scotland U.K.
6:30 north stage
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
7:00 south stage
The Changes
7:30 north stage
The 1900s
8:30 south stage
Bloc Party London U.K.
10:00 truck stage
Scary Toesies Puppet Theater

Day 2 features
12:00 truck stage
Steven Krakow's Guitarkestra
12:30 south stage
Cass McCombs Los Angeles
1:15 north stage
Golden Horse Ranch
Square Dance Band
2:15 south stage
Head of Femur
3:15 north stage
O'Death New York City
4:00 truck stage
Dan Deacon Baltimore
4:45 parade / south stage
Mucca Pazza
5:15 north stage
Punk Band
5:30 south stage
Art Brut London U.K.
6:30 north stage
Blue Ribbon Glee Club
7:00 south stage
The Frames Dublin, Ireland
8:15 south stage
Chicago Short Film Brigade / Bird Video
8:30 south stage
Andrew Bird
10:00 central screen

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