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Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel - I'm F*cking Ben Affleck (video), 79 Years of Oscar Best Picture Posters, Britney will not age well, Auditory Illusions

  • Poor Jimmy Kimmel must have been heartbroken when he learned that his wife Sarah Silverman was f*cking Matt Damon. Well, jimmy kimmel i'm fcking ben affleck video Jimmy Kimmel has plotted the perfect revenge. With cameos by: Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, Josh Groban, Meatloaf, Harrison Ford, Perry Farrell, Macy Gray, Christina Applegate, McLovin, Don Cheadle, Dominic Monaghan, Rebecca Romijn, Pete Wentz, Good Charlotte, Lance Bass, and Huey Lewis.

  • Congrats to the Coen brothers on finally winning long overdue Best Picture and Best Director Oscars. Here's a cool post: 79 years of Oscar Best Picture winners in posters

  • Britney Spears will not age well
    Britney Spears Age progression pics if she keeps up her fast food lifestyle. I wonder if this is with or without lipo.

  • auditory illusions audio Five great auditory illusions
    Worth a listen. It's funny how our auditory cortex plays tricks on us.

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