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Monday, April 14, 2008

Wolf Parade - Call It A Ritual (MP3), Mystery Jets (MP3), Orouni (MP3), I Love Math (MP3), Video Blitz: M83, Portishead, AC, Lupe, Usher, Robyn

  • wolf parade call it a ritual mp3 Wolf Parade - Call It A Ritual (MP3) | mirror
    Yeah, I'm late to the party. Here is some yummy new Wolf Parade to whet your appetite in the unlikely event you have not heard it yet. Gratuitously lifted from here.

  • mystery jets young love mp3 Mystery Jets - Young Love (MP3) | mirror
    Perfect song for summer frolicking in the fields chasing after your love... if that's your thing. I am digging most of the new Mystery Jets album, but I especially love this song, especially when Laura Marling's vocal comes in. I'll post the equally excellent Shoes Remix tomorrow.

  • orouni mp3 Orouni - A Greased & Golden Palm (MP3)
    Here's a nice submission from Orouni, who apparently hails from France. This here's a nice fanciful pop folk tune in the vein of Jens Lekman or Page France. Check it out.

  • i love math josephine street mp3 I Love Math - Josephine Street (MP3) | mirror
    Irresistible indie pop from Dallas, Texas. I guess it's not just "steers and qu..."

  •  video M83 - Graveyard Girl (video)
    With M83, Neon Neon, Crystal Castles, and Hot Chip (to name but a few), there's a lot in the electro/electronic/synth pop realm keeping my ears busy. The new M83 album redirects the wonderfully dark energy of the previous LP into a much more upbeat offering, featuring lovely vocals from Morgan Kibby, lead singer of The Romanovs, who admittedly I know absolutely nothing about except the all too convenient Evanescence comparisons. Her voice fits perfectly with M83's neo-shoegaze soundscape. Too bad she's not on the first single/video. However, be sure to check out the LP and listen to "Kim & Jessie", "Skin of the Night", and "Up!"

  •  video Portishead - Machine Gun (video)
    Do not listen to this on an empty stomach. Is it worth the 11 year wait? I think so, but I'm still digesting the album.

  • animal collective water curses video Animal Collective - Water Curses (video)
    Mosaicized nonsense for your viewing pleasure.

  •  video Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo (video)
    Every time I revisit Lupe's album, I am amazed at its quality and cohesiveness.

  •  video Usher - Love In This Club (video)
    Catchy earworm is beginning to wear thin.

  •  video Robyn - Who's That Girl (video)
    Did you know The Knife produced this song? No wonder I liked it so much right off the bat.

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