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Friday, February 25, 2005

Electroclash Rap: Cadence Weapon, Synthpop: Chris Price

Cadence Weapon represents the hardcore hood of Edmonton, Canada. He sounds a bit like Prefuse 73 and doesn't retread the commercial crap.
Oliver Square
Black Hand
The Gorilla Is For Sand Racing
Be sure to check out his blog, Razorblade Runner, and his music site.

Chris Price is an unsigned indie synthpop artist from the D.C. metro area who asked me to review his track, "Charge Me Up" from his EP 'The Identity Crisis'. There is a good foundation for a strong track here. Although it would benefit from more refined studio production, as an electronic musician myself (more so in the past), I must say this is a solid composition.
Chris' blurb on his site really sums up his style quite well. "Inspired by the forward-thinking artists and producers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, Price delivers a sound that spans genres and timelines. Fans have compared Price’s work to the likes of The Cars, New Order, Gary Numan, and Devo." I'd add Human League and The Glass to that list as well.
Chris Price - Charge Me Up

DJMonsterMo | 7:39 AM |


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