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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Libertines Demos

Since the summer of 2004, some in the British press have proclaimed a "British renaissance" of sorts that has resurrected the British music scene from the doldrums since the days of The Stone Roses, Oasis, and Blur. In particular, Franz Ferdinand and The Libertines have achieved a more far-reaching musical impact in the public eye. NME went so far as to say, "Franz have the sharp dress sense, precise tunes and broadsheet endorsement of an early Beatles" while "The Libertines have all the passion and unpredictability of young Rolling Stones. And, like The Beatles and Stones in the ’60s, it is the very fact that these bands exist at the same time that is so exciting. When push comes to shove, these are bands which seize the imagination and change lives." While I wouldn't go so far with these comparisons, I do agree that the energy that they bring to the scene and especially to the music press has livened many musical discussions, with Peter Doherty's life providing much fodder for British tabloids, as I mentioned recently. With the likely finalized breakup of the original Libertines all but certain, it would be nice for fans to take a moment to reminisce with these demos and for first-time listeners to hear a sampling. There are also some tracks from Peter Doherty's lonely solo session and from his new band, Babyshambles.

Legs XI demo
Seven Deadly Frenchmen
Anything But Love
Hooray For The 21st Century
Music When The Lights Go Out
Bucket Shop
Sister Sister
Love On The Dole

All At Sea
Lazy Sunday Small Faces cover from the film Blackball

Peter Doherty/Babyshambles
Peter Doherty - Shaking and Withdrawn megamix (opens in new window)
Babyshambles - Merry Go Round
Babyshambles - Killamangiro

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