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Friday, February 25, 2005

Nick Drake demos and outtakes

Nick Drake, an artist that Elliot Smith is often compared to, created a somber and melancholic variety of British folk rock. Like Smith, he died an untimely death after only recording a few albums. Second Grace is a collection of demos and outtakes that apparently originated as a white label vinyl bootleg and saw a short-lived CD release. Don't miss Day Is Done, Instrumental, Three Hours, Fly, and Hazey Jane, Saturday Sun, and Birds Flew By.

The album: Nick Drake demos and outtakes

01. Day Is Done
02. Blossom Friend
03. Mayfair (1)
04. Mayfair (2)
05. Mayfair (3)
06. Joey (1)
07. Joey (2)
08. Leaving Me Behind
09. Instrumental (1)
10. Instrumental (2)
11. Three Hours
12. Betty's Blues
13. Fly (1)
14. Fly (2)
15. Hazey Jane
16. Parasite
17. Saturday Sun (1)
18. Saturday Sun (2)
19. Saturday Sun (3)
20. Place To Be
21. Strange Meeting No. II
22. Bird Flew By
23. Thoughts of Rain
24. To The Garden
25. Early Morning Dialogue

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