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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Coldplay - Live at Universal Amphitheatre 3-12-05 (KCRW-FM), Preview tracks from new album 'X&Y'

Coldplay - Live at Universal Amphitheatre 3-12-05 (KCRW-FM)
Listen to it while you can and preview 5 potential tracks from their new album 'X&Y' (Square One, White Shadows, A Message, What If, Speed of Sound [first single]). Concert was live at the Universal Amphitheatre in LA as part of KCRW-FM's annual A Sounds Eclectic Evening concert. "Square One" might actually not be on the album (it's certainly an electronic departure for them), as Chris Martin was quoted as saying on BBC Radio One that it is a song "designed to be played live". Take that for what it's worth. Another rumor is that the recently circulating "Talk" may be a B-side rather than an album track (which I find hard to believe, because it is an excellent tune).
Thanks to Stereogum for the heads-up.

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