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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kate Moss loves tha coke, Robert Wise dies, Letterman's Top 10 for FEMA

Kate Moss loves tha coke
Kate's reaction: "F*** off, f*** off, f*** off, f*** off! Just f*** off!"
We still love you Kate, if only for that hilarious Family Guy parody when you were Chris' girlfriend.

Director Robert Wise dies

Letterman's Top Ten Questions For The Fema Director Application
10. "Are you able to convey a false sense of security?"
9. "What percentage of your resume is fabricated?"
8. "In a crisis, which state or local officials would you blame?"
7. "What are your plans after you resign?"
6. "Do you mind if the last guy left the office smelling like Arabian horses?"
5. "Which is most serious: A disaster, a catastrophe, or a dis-astrophe?"
4. "Does Robert Blake dating again count as an emergency?"
3. "Can the president easily add '-ie' to your last name to form a nickname?"
2. "Can you screw up bad enough to take the heat off the president's mistakes?"
1. "Michael Brown...Idiot or moron?

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