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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

P2P goes pay?, An iPod wedding, Lohan on MySpace, Orson Welles' curse, New Britney?

Grokster, Other P2Ps Reportedly In Talks To Go Legit With Paid Downloads

An iPod wedding?
Kinda ghetto, but at least this way maybe we can have an open bar instead of a cash bar so we can all get wasted.

Be Lindsay Lohan's MySpace Fwend
I guess it's her official myspace site, according to her site.

Orson Welles cursed by Brazilian witch doctor?

New Britney?
On the Japanese version of the Someday single: Chaotic, Mona Lisa, Over to You Now.
Chaotic is a simple Gwen-like floorfiller.
Mona Lisa is a slower groove.
Over to You Now features Asian-inspired riffs mixed with glitchy electro pop.

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