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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs book: I Hope You Are All Happy Now

I Hope You Are All Happy Now

Just received my promo copy in the mail. "I Hope You Are All Happy Now" is an engrossing visual collage of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs put together by their guitarist, Nick Zinner. It chronicles their day-to-day lives on the road and their bumpy rise to fame. It's offbeat and spontaneous, as only an insider's perspective can provide. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the photos of nearly every YYY crowd, torn-up hotel rooms, and anything else in particular that caught Zinner's eye are certainly worth a few million. It also features essays by acclaimed indie director Jim Jarmusch, comedian David Cross, and a Q&A session with Vice magazine editor Jessee Pearson.

"Strange proof of my last four years, it looks so easy, almost desirable through his eye. It's up to the individual to discern what's real, what's legit, what to trust, what to go with . . . If Nick can see things as he does in this terribly immediate and beautiful book of photographs why can't I, or you?" --KAREN O / YEAH YEAH YEAHS

I Hope You Are All Happy Now

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