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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Cat Power, iPod video, Governator sequels, more

Cat Power - The Greatest
Her delicate voice floats into your ears on this beautiful and nostalgic new track from her forthcoming album 'The Greatest'. [via chromewaves]

Not a secret anymore: the iPod with video

Governator Schwarzenegger to do Terminator 4 and True Lies 2?

Boy George's Big Stash
13 bags of coke? Damn; he's lucky he didn't have a heart attack. Wonder if he was planning to invite Kate Moss and a few of her blokes to powder their noses. Funny image: transpose Boy George into that Goodfellas scene where they're dumping coke into the toilet, smearing his makeup and stuff. hehe

Madonna brings great sin

Kurosawa film character action figures

Spike Lee's Katrina documentary to 'investigate' levee rumors

A heartwarming story
Really one of the cutest stories I've heard this year.

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