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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Belle and Sebastian: Old Projects/ Side Projects...Looper (Stuart David)

Ok, I'm starting a very brief mini-series of posts entitled Old Projects / Side Projects, which will highlight interesting past projects or side projects involving some of our beloved artists.

Today: Belle and Sebastian (Looper)

Coming Soon: Bright Eyes (Desaparecidos), The Decemberists (Tarkio), Neko Case (Maow)

Looper is Stuart David from Belle and Sebastian. Looper's songs are like a mellow mix of synthpop, The Radio Dept., The Postal Service. I've posted a sampling of my favorites. The link above also has some additional laid back songs for your listening enjoyment.

looper belle sebastian mp3 Looper - The Strangest Girl
looper belle sebastian mp3 Looper - Pale Blue E-Type

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