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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lou Rawls Dead, The Musical Long Tail in the 00s, Sony sues in Canada, more

Soul legend Lou Rawls dead at 72

The Long Tail: The decade the blockbuster died
Looks like the proliferation of digital distribution, P2P, and music/MP3 blogs will ensure that end-users find music that satisfies their particular tastes and the flocking of the masses to Top 40 radio will be a thing of the past. Indies will rule their own niches, instead of majors owning a large proportion of the market. Yay for the little guy.

Boing Boing: Sony sued for spyware and rootkits in Canada

I give you the science of BEER GOGGLES!:

Researchers created a formula describing the interaction of alcohol, lighting, and distance that leads to Beer Goggles.

According to Page Six, Patrick Swayze is pondering a rap release. Say it ain't so!

Simpsons Fan Grows Tomacco

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