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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Match Day!

Today is March 16th, aka Match Day, when thousands of 4th year medical students find out where they have matched for residency. The way that the match works is that after we apply to and interview at residency programs that are interested in us, we rank our preferred programs from 1 to whatever, and the programs also rank applicants from 1 to whatever. A computer program in DC then crunches the lists of info and matches all of us into the theoretically optimal residency based on the program's preference and our preference. I am ecstatic to learn that I have matched at the University of Chicago, so I'll be moving to Chicago next year!

So, if you get sick at Solider Field, U.S. Cellular Field, or somewhere else on the South Side, you might see me in the hospital *shudder*.

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