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Saturday, February 24, 2007

SXSW Artists Torrent, Mika - Grace Kelly (video), Britney covers Amy Winehouse (video), more

  • Can't make it to SXSW? Here's the next best thing: The SXSW Artists Torrent
    739 artists, 739 MP3s, 3.1GB

  • mika grace kelly music video Mika - Grace Kelly (video)
    Mika is blowing up in the UK. With his effortless falsetto, songs like this draw comparisons to Queen and the Scissor Sisters. His new album carves an interesting twee pop niche that will likely polarize listeners; but for now, I'm happy to join the bandwagon.

  • britney spears rehab music video Britney - Rehab (video)
    Britney covers Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab'. Well, not really. But this is pretty funny (mean, yes, but funny nonetheless).

  • Total Lunar Eclipse on March 3

  • 5 Things That Killed Hip Hop
    I prefer DJ Shadow's even more simplistic explanation in 'Why Hip Hop Sucks In '96'.

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