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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hideout Block Party Day 2: Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes (live video)

Day 2 at Hideout was great, even for the little bit that I got to enjoy (and in spite of Michigan getting crushed). True to form, I arrived late, delayed by tennis and college football. The Wolverines have gone from bad to dreadful; it was so painful to watch them. And I missed Dan Deacon and Art Brut to watch them have their asses handed to them. Stupid, stupid. Anyhoo, back to the main topic...

When I arrived, The Blue Ribbon Glee Club was on stage. They are a curious Chicago-based group who bill themselves as "Chicago's finest punk rock glee club". They did some interesting covers but didn't have a great mic set-up. Their cover of David Bowie's "Life on Mars" was pretty good. They also performed a fantastic cover of the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind" with The Frames, much better than the one they have on file here:
blue ribbon glee club mp3 Blue Ribbon Glee Club - Where Is My Mind (Pixies cover, live at Ronny's, MP3)
Their recorded cover of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" is better:
blue ribbon glee club mp3 Blue Ribbon Glee Club - Waiting Room (Fugazi cover, live, location unknown, MP3)

The Frames were quite good, although most of the crowd wasn't really feelin' it. I think their set would have been better in a small venue (or if talkers were muzzled).

andrew bird fake palindromes live video hideout block party Hideout Block Party Day 2: Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes (live video)

Andrew Bird's set was fantastic and far exceeded my expectations. The dual sometimes-rotating horn-shaped gramophone speakers behind him added an otherworldly Leslie speaker-like effect to a set already filled with many interesting elements such as his idiosyncratic vocal delivery, his whistle and loop pedal bag of tricks, and his violin and guitar skills. Sorry, the first bit of the video is out of focus.

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