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Friday, November 16, 2007

My Bloody Valentine reunion, Gucci Ad by David Lynch (video), Neko Case - Behind the House (demo)(MP3), Nas - Surviving the Times (video), more

  • My Bloody Valentine reunion tour 2008
    Well, so far it only includes UK dates. Here's hoping...

  • With the recent release of the Twin Peaks box set, I've been really overloading my senses with the series and the Fire Walk With Me movie. Although I'm a huge David Lynch fan, I had avoided the series until now so that I could view a quality version on DVD. Honestly, I can't believe I waited this long. Watching it only further confirms Lynch's mad genius.

    While on the subject of Lynch, I thought I'd share this curiosity I came across recently: gucci ad david lynch video Gucci Ad directed by David Lynch (video)
    This ad combines a few of my favorite things (albeit in a random way): David Lynch, Blondie, and gorgeous models. It features Blondie's "Heart of Glass" and is directed by the man himself. I was expecting something weirder, but clearly Lynch understands the audience (and ad execs) that he has to please. Models featured: Raquel Zimmerman, Natasha Poly and Freja Beha Erichsen.

  • neko case behind the house demo mp3 Neko Case - Behind the House (demo) (MP3)
    Anti records recently re-released 'Fox Confessor Brings the Flood' with bonus material, and remastered version of 'Blacklisted' and 'Furnace Room Lullaby'. This is a previously unreleased demo of "Behind the House" found on the Fox Confessor Bring the Flood bonus disc.

  • nas surviving the times video Nas - Surviving the Times (video)
    A real return to form for Nas, a nostalgic walk in his shoes through his 16-year career. Too bad the recently released "Greatest Hits" CD from Sony barely scratches the surface.

  • New York Magazine: 100 Vintage New York videos
    Includes The Beatles at Shea, Elvis at MSG, Lennon and Yoko at MSG, James Brown at Studio 54, The Ramones at CBGB, Madonna at Danceteria, and an excellent performance by Grandmaster Flash at The Tube.

  • A few interesting music biopics/documentaries that are definitely on my watch list this season:
    i'm not there movie trailer I'm Not There (Bob Dylan)
    I've been a fan of Todd Haynes ever since I saw his now banned film school project, "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story" (which you can download here *wink*wink*). Most intriguing is the way he chooses to present aspects of Bob Dylan's life, specifically his choice of Cate Blanchett and Marcus Carl Franklin in the cast.

    control movie trailer Control (Ian Curtis)
    I'm not familiar with Sam Riley's previous work as an actor, but I'm excited that Samantha Morton plays Deborah Curtis.

    future is unwritten movie trailer The Future is Unwritten (Joe Strummer)
    Looks like this is a fitting tribute to the late, great Joe Strummer, one of the greatest musical minds of our time. Hopefully, this will see a wider release in the near future.

  • Fascinating mug shot of David Bowie - still nonetheless looking as cool and stylish as ever - from a 1976 pot bust.

  • The new trailer for PT Anderson's new movie, "there will be blood movie trailer There Will Be Blood" is up. I am really looking forward to this supposedly Malick-esque period piece loosely based on Upton Sinclair's "Oil!".

  • harold and kumar 2 movie trailer Harold And Kumar 2
    The trailer for the new Harold and Kumar movie looks rather ridiculous. I hope the movie does not suck as much as the trailer would indicate.

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