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Saturday, September 15, 2007

SBL - LJ Dissing (MP3), a Larry Johnson Diss Rap?

    lj larry johnson dissing sbl mp3
  • ESPN reported on the following: Rap linked to Chiefs' Johnson stirs controversy in K.C.
    The rapper rips on Priest Holmes and the KC GM.
  • LJ denies the allegations
  • The alleged rap is by a group called "SBL" and their myspace is located here. However, they removed the alleged song and youtube video.
    SBL updated their myspace with the following apology:
    The L.J. Track that has been posted and reported through the news radio and tv is in fact a fake. We used this to gain publicity for SBL & Basement Entertainment, and the CD to be put out in Dec.
    We want to apologize, first and foremost to L.J. & Joe Hall, but also to the Chiefs Football Team, for any problems or harm that may have been caused by our actions.

  • According to ESPN:
    Basement Entertainment owner James Tinberg told NBC affiliate KSHB that Johnson recently was at a party freestyle rapping and that the song was cut into a 3.5-minute rap. He told the station that the lyrics were edited to make Johnson "say funny stuff."

  • Well, here's the MP3. Is it LJ? Judge for yourself. lj larry johnson dissing sbl mp3 SBL - LJ Dissing (MP3)

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