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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Radiohead CD sales ploy?, DCFC guitarist album confiscated, Human Tetris (video), Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall In Love (video), more

    EDIT 10/25: Sorry, been extremely busy of late in the cardiac intensive care unit. Perhaps a bit of revisionism on my part is in order. I think bands do need to get paid and it's certainly better to facilitate a direct-to-fan distribution method rather than filter things through the big labels. While the name-your-price model may not be the industry-toppling revolution we thought it might be (at least at the time being), it is a good start in that direction. And for that, Radiohead certainly deserves to be commended. In light of my reconsideration of things, not to mention the fact that 'In Rainbows' is a fantastic album, I certainly plan on supporting Radiohead when their CD does become available.

    radiohead in rainbows album cover
  • Say it ain't so: Radiohead MP3 release a tactic to lift CD sales
    After riding the wave of free publicity from their supposed new music sales model revolution, this comes out. Well, I'm glad I paid $0 for it now.

    death cab for cutie album
  • Death Cab for Cutie guitarist's album confiscated by Homeland Security
    I feel safer already. Above is a hidden cam photo from the anal cavity search. J/k.

  • human tetris game show video Human Tetris
    Humans assuming funny shapes and urine-colored water...this Japanese game show is out of control hilarious. It won't be long before Fox or Spike TV picks this up.

  • jane child don't wanna fall in love video Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall in Love (video)
    Say what you will about her scary hair in the video, this song rocks and bridges an awkward gap between the 80s and 90s. Whatever happened to her?

  • 37 cello video Ethan Winer - A Cello Rondo (video)
    Impressive video and even more amazing song. It's composed entirely of 37 cello parts!

  • call and response ad jingle video Mashed-up ad jingles (video)
    Be very afraid. This is a cacophony of commercial jingles that are already burned into your brain, spliced until they become a droning swell that will cause your head to explode.

  • The Pedal-to-the-Metal, Totally Illegal, Cross-Country Sprint for Glory
    New York to LA in 31 hours and 4 minutes. This guy is nuts.

  • This guy claims to have invented the :-) smiley that is so ubiquitous today. While this claim might seem as dubious asa Al Gore's internet invention claim, here's the supposed BBS archival proof

  • Star Wars TV series?
    Sounds like a bad idea.

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